Thursday, May 20, 2010

Now we move closer and closer to single figures, nearing the Comrades. That means that mileage is shorter, and the waiting feels longer. Last night we set off to do a shortish run so sister could try out her new shoes. On the way we met up with a fellow club runner and physio, and it was nice running with her. Although I felt very old, compared to the two of them, as they lightly skipped up the steep hills! They were very kind and allowed me to walk, when I got to a specific marker, but I was still huffing and puffing! It also got very dark, and the roads were still busy with cars making their way home. So we spent quite a bit of the last part on the pavements and I am still very cautious about running on pavements, so I slowed right down.
Every morning, us runners do a full body mental scan, checking for any new pains, or aches before we get up and face our day. At this stage no-one wants to get sick, so a lot of people become paranoid about it. In fact I am sure I can feel an ache in my throat right now.....

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