Saturday, May 15, 2010

It is almost 2 weeks till Comrades. That means 14 days till I run 89. something kms. So today I went out with my friends from my club for a 10km run. The first thing that surprised was the overnight drop in temperature. It has been a while that it has been 'dry' cold, we have had lots of mist, and rain, uncharacteristic for this time of year, usually we just have sun and frost. So we stood clustered together waiting for the 7am start, and dressed warmly.
Out on the street, the wind dropped, and I was instantly hot. This could have been because I haven't been running much, so it may have been my body shock,  but then  I saw someone else take off the outer layer of clothes. Good, so it's not just me!
We had a different 10km route, and the one hour later start in winter means that the roads are already busy, so we have to keep our wits about. On the main road a truck went past and actually blew my hat off. This has never happened to me, I used to think it was because I had an odd shaped head, so hats would stay on, but this one didn't. Maybe all this running is making me lose weight.... on my skull!
We chatted about this and that, and the fact that the Comrades countdown as well as the countdown for the World Cup football is all a day early. The FIFA site has it right, but all other websites and media are a day ahead. Then we heard about mist playing havoc with airporsts and flights, and talked once again about training, and recent races. This all happens while running. I never thought I would get to the stage where I could hold and maintain a conversation while running. My first year of running consisted of head nods, and grimaces while I listened to the chatter and banter of the fit ones, and had all the fantastic retorts, but no energy to say them! Now I have the energy, but the conversations have changed!
Who would've thought that I could own that quality? Not the lack of retorts, but the fit one. I am pleased with myself for not giving up when I didnt get my first Comrades medal, because I was too slow, and I am pleased that I went back again last year and did it! I am pleased that I stuck to our training plan (even loosely!) and I am about to go down again. It is a real blessing that I have the health, the ability, and the excitement to go an experience the 'ultimate human race'.
I am great-full!

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