Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I know I said I wanted to get faster, but gosh it is hard work! We went out to run some hills. Sister Coach and bouncy hubby are fan-tastic supporters of mine and I know they mean well, but I could have used my arms to cause (their) bodily harm instead of bring my hands up to my chest!

On the uphill I was told ‘lift your knees’. At first I couldn’t hear them because my heartbeat was too noisy in my ears, but then they pointed to theirs and said ‘do this’ To which I cursed. They couldn’t hear me naturally as it was in internal curse, as I didn’t have the energy or breath to say it out loud. My one leg felt heavier than my sister’s whole body, I’m sure, mind you the other leg is a big as hubby too, I think! My chest was heaving and not in a sexy way but in that any-minute-now-I’m-going-to-collapse kind of way and I was beginning to reconsider my goals. Why don’t I take up chess rather? 

I wondered how the super athletes do it for so long and so fast but I took comfort knowing that we would be making our way home any moment. My heartbeat eventually returned to normal when we were one kilometre away from home. I knew I was feeling better because my chat was returning. I complained to hubby that I don’t feel fit at all. He said ‘it will get better’. But a part of me disagreed. I ran 80kms only a month ago, did I feel fit then? 

My body slips back into excuse mode very quickly and there is still that part of me that yearns for the couch. However I got a bit of speed going downhill and the clever part of me said ‘see, you are fitter than you think’.

We turned in at home and I was thankful that I can actually run, but was more thankful that we were done until sister Coach said ‘stretch’..... 

Hupblerry hup

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