Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well it's more like raining than running, which means that at this 'peak time' of high mileage, I am only 'peaking' out the windows at 5am to see if it's raining or not! This meant, that I spent far more time in blanket bay than usual and my new running shoes kept their shiny look for one more day!

Sunday morning was dull but not wet, but I stayed cemented to the mattress until I was guilted into getting up by the dogs scratching at the door. Once they realised that they had the warmest room in the house due to our under tile heating, they wagged their way back to the kitchen to get comfy on the floor. So now I was up and pondering. Hubby isn't here to sway any decisions either way, so I put off making any and hoped that the sun would come out 'later'. True to form it did, so just when everyone was sitting down to their warm Sunday lunch, I donned my running gear and hed for the horizon. I wanted to run for about 2 hours, so I went out on a different way trying to explore the suburb I have lived in for over 20 years. The one road I had decided on, was very busy with traffic, so I turned back and went in the opposite direction. I was trying to stay as far away from my house as possible to reduce the temptation of turning in early, but close enough to dash home if it began to pour with rain!

The sun obliged me and many other folk suffering from cabin fever, and at one place in the road there were 5 runners and 2 walkers all chasing away the cobwebs! Speaking of cobwebs, after running under a large tree I found myself entangled with a web and must have looked rather funny doing breakdance movements to rid the imaginary string on my face and head, to the passersby in the car!

I trundled past garages, witnessed old lady road rage, and my ears curled at the profanities flung at each other, and smiled at dogs stretching out their rain held stances, and enjoyed the sun that was thawing through my rusty joints. My long sleeved top was a bit of an overkill, but at least I would have some covering should spikes change it's mind and go away and shine elsewhere, like the Cape or somewhere! It stayed with me though as I weaved in and out of streets previously never discovered and greeted all the passersby with a 'warm' hello'.

As I passed the one steakhouse I realised I was hungry and my lunch was somehow forgotten, so I decided to head home and find something to eat, other than jelly beans. A quick pit stop at my sister where it was so so tempting to sit down for a cup of tea, and possibly a lift home, but I decided to keep moving and took the short route home.

Not quite 2 hours, but only ten minutes short, the guilt subsided, much like the early calf pain that had been hovering in the early km's.

This weekend is full of holidays and chocolate and hopefully sunshine and kays on the legs!
Happy Easter!

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Johann said...

Well done for getting out there that late in the day! I will never be able to do that. It's first thing in the morning or nothing for me. Happy easter to you as well. I must still decide on my training this weekend. Recovering from a bad stomach bug is taking long and my body is not 100% yet.