Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I can write this with a clear conscience as I actually broke my running drought last week. It is a pity that the amount of water thrown at us in Jozi has been keeping me safely indoors but watching the unrelenting rain made me excited about wanting to get back on the road. The first time the sun shone it's face we took the gap.
Hubby had been for a few more runs over this period than I had, which meant I was watching his light bounce as he waited for me to catch up with him. I  was back at the very beginning again. Regrets were the only thing speeding on this cheery, sunny afternoon, regret that I had 'rested' so long and regret that now I had to contend with the long hard slog back to fitness.
But I was there and noticing my body once more. The body wasn't happy about this movement as it had gotten rather fond of the couch once more and secretly was very grateful for all the heavy rains.

The next morning I woke up to a very light bedroom, and realised that the sun was out again. I jumped up while my brain was still locked in dreamland, and got into my running gear. Hubby turned over and faced the dark side of the room pretending he didn't notice the activity . Shoes on, I made my way to the looooong 4km route around the traffic free suburb.(gotta love holidays!)
I hunted for distractions as I wondered why I was getting a stitch again in my right side. There were a few early runners out all enjoying the dry conditions, when I realised that the puddle I was standing in was self generated. Gosh the human body can complain. Red faced and sluggish legs I dragged myself through the last 2 km's, trying not to torture myself with looking at my very slow watch. I swear the seconds went by in a slower pace. Eventually my smiling dogs welcomed me home and they almost barked at the red face.

I broke my drought even further by going out for a third time when the rain gave us a chance for another 4km. This time I was feeling a teeny bit looser, although I still got the strange stitch in my side.
Sunday saw the unusual sight of us go for ANOTHER run. I wanted to try stretch the time a bit, so I proposed a different route which I thought would get us more miles. I also liked the idea of the long downhill for the first 2km's, unfortunately this meant the longer 2km's uphill, but this was at the end of the route so I didn't mind walking at that stage. All the rain has brought out every single 'gogga' in existance, and being Africa, that means a LOT, so with the sunrise providing the backlight I had to use my hanky several times to cover my mouth when dashing through the beasties. Of course when you think you are 'clear' you take a deep breath and ... in one goes! My breathing at this stage of my fitness is rather heavy which also means that there is no possible means of retrieval, so I just have to swallow and think of something else!
At 57 minutes, my body knew it was close to home, so went into neutral, hubby chatted to early rising neighbours while I dragged my still red, sweaty body up the street and finally stopped my watch at 60minutes. At last. Home has never felt so good!

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Johann said...

Well that is a lot better than not running at all, well done! I've been pushing high miles this December because I was crazy enough to enter a 90km trail ultra on 8 January.