Monday, October 25, 2010

Been very scarce on the road and on this aspect of my blog!!

This past week I really did my bit to contribute to energy saving. I hardly moved on the roads, thus saving tonnes of gases, salty water and all such interesting techological stuff!

I did venture out at the weekend, and managed a slow tug around the countryside for ten km's! It was more of a social chit chat, than training really, although there was much sweat, and lots of work done, plus the added bonus of 'time on the legs'. And it was long time on the legs!!

Sunday we headed back out for a repeat performance, except we changed the route which saw us go uphil for the first half of our run, unfortunately for those who were unusually thirsty, due to increased wine consumption the previous evening! Luckily the Jozi weather was very kind to us, and kept temperatures down and the world looked nice and clean due to a smattering of rain over the previous week.

Running this time of the year, without a definite goal proves tricky to my 'find-an-excuse-not-to-run' brain. This time last year we were training hard to run the Warmbaths marathon, so we could get qualifying for 2 Oceans and Comrades out of the way. This year because I didn't finish Comrades, I have to qualify again, but I'm not looking at doing 2 Oceans, so my Karoo Ultra marathon finish gives me the necessary entrance to do Comrades. But this lack of target, means that my training is very scrappy, and every run feels like I'm back at the very, very beginning! When the others talked about doing the Tough One, which is 32km's, my brain bounced. That is so far, I thought!

Anyway, the stage of my training taking my dogs for a 2 km walk feels far!

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Johann said...

Well at least you are doing more than nothing. I always have plenty long term goals to keep me going.