Friday, August 27, 2010

Well, not really running this week. I was going along good guns last week, when I popped into Cape Town for a flying visit and the running ground to a halt. Once again I am reminded just how blessed we are to have such consistently good weather up here in Jozi.

Wind blew, bringing the cloud over the mountain, which left me looking out of the window, thinking about 80km's in less than three weeks time. Then a bitter chill moved around the south and I happily sat inside considering my life without running.

Back in Jozi on Monday meant that I could go out and meet up with my friends on the road, but my body thought twice about that, and I realised that a bug had crawled it's way into my system and I left my charged batteries down in the mother city. I spent the day staring at the back of my eyelids, and felt a little better the following morning. So I ventured out for a game of badminton and stood stiller than normal as the shuttle flew past my now dizzy head. Sigh. Blood pressure lowering meant that I was still not ready to hit any roads, so I sat and patiently waited for the ant-virus to kick in and quarantine the bug.

Today I feel much better, but after a couple of minutes bouncing on my mini-trampoline I realised that I would still have to wait another day before I wear down my trainers some more. Such is the life of an athlete, now I hear you laugh. I did just say that, and sometimes I feel like an athlete, other times I pinch myself.

So before I end up with more bruises, I'll end here

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Johann said...

Hope you feel better already! 11 September is suddenly not far away at all…